What is ajcclassifieds?
So where exactly do I need to go if I want to place an ad for merchandise, services or an event?
How much does it cost to post an ad online? In the paper?
Why should I post my ad here?
Should I post my ad in multiple categories?
Will News or Advertising deadlines change?
Can I upload photos of my item for sale?
When will my ad appear online?
How can I edit my ad on ajcclassifieds.com?
When will my edits appear on ajcclassifieds.com?
How can I delete my ad on ajcclassifieds.com?
How long will my ad remain live on ajcclassifieds.com?
How can I promote my ajcclassifieds.com listings and share with friends?
How do I contact a seller of an item on ajcclassifieds.com?
Will I be contacted by unqualified respondents?
What will happen to my ad I'm currently running on ajcexchange.com?
Why is the AJC making this change?

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