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Important Information regarding Public Notice Legal Advertising

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a paper of general circulation. If your publication requirements state that you must publish in a Paper of Record or Legal Organ and do not specifically mention the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, please consult the county courthouse in your area to determine the correct legal organ for publication.

Ads in the Public Notice Liquor License category must print 2 times, with the second print date a minimum of 10 days before the License Review Board date. If your listed License Review Board date is less than 10 days from the earliest available print date, you will be asked to provide a new date for placement in the notice.

Ads with a print component will be entered by an agent on the next business day, and a proof sent to you for approval. Please include all relevant contact information in your order.

Once your notice is completed, there may be a delay before the ad appears online.

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Customer care is important to us. You can reach us at 404-526-5573 with questions about your Public Notice, 8:00am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, or email us at