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To Sade Almendral A.K.A. Sade Mingoes-Case Docket No

TO SADE ALMENDRAL A.K.A. SADE MINGOES-CASE DOCKET NO. FM-12-337-20D THIS MATTER having been heard by the Court before the Honorable John A. Jorgensen, J.S.C., in the presence of the Plaintiff, self-represented, and the Court having considered the Complaint and its proofs, and it appearing that Plaintiff and Defendant were lawfully married, and jurisdiction having been acquired over the parties pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-10, 11 and/or 12, and findings of fact and conclusions of law having placed on the record on August 19, 2020 and incorporated herein by reference: IT IS on this 28th day of August, 2020. ORDERED AS FOLLOWS: 1. Pursuant to the proofs and in such case made and provided, the marriage between the parties be, and the same hereby is dissolved, and the parties are divorced from bonds of matrimony. 2. No equitable distribution was sought by the parties, and none was ordered. 3. A copy of this Order shall be served upon the Plaintiff within 7 days from the date herein. Upon receipt of same the Plaintiff shall serve a copy of the Order upon the Defendant within 10 days. 9/5/20
September 5, 2020
October 4, 2020
September 23, 2020 7:05pm