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Ashanti Washington Vann and I Clarence Carlton Vann

Ashanti Washington Vann and I Clarence Carlton Vann, are in the process of the dissolution of our marriage as of 2/07/2019, I will no longer be responsible for any debts incurred by Ashanti Washington Vann, nor will she be responsible for my indebtedness or financial obligations as of 2/07/2019. Whatever debts or legal transactions/ contracts, leases/agreements entered upon by either party, after 2/07/2019 will be solely borne by the individual party who enters into the debt or arrangement and they will also be subsequently responsible for any fees associated with the collection and resolution of said- debt which they incur after 2/7/2019, along with all court and legal fees. 2-22, 3-1, 3-8, 3-15/2019
February 22, 2019
March 23, 2019
March 23, 2019 8:10pm