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Public Notice the Community Development/Human Services Committee

PUBLIC NOTICE The Community Development/Human Services Committee of the Atlanta City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 1:30 P.M. to amend the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) as described in 24-O-1195. The meeting will be conducted in person in the Larry M. Dingle Committee Room (Committee Room 1) of Atlanta City Hall located at 55 Trinity Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. 24-O-1195 CDP-24-010 AN ORDINANCE BY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT/ HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE TO AMEND THE LAND USE ELEMENT OF THE 2021 ATLANTA COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) SO AS TO REDESIGNATE PROPERTY LOCATED AT 0 GRIFFIN STREET NW (PARCEL ID 14 01100010179), 0 MAGNOLIA STREET NW (PARCEL ID 14 01100010010), 0 RHODES STREET NW (PARCEL ID 14 01100010178), 0 SUNSET AVENUE NW REAR (PARCEL ID 14 01100010177), 0 VINE STREET NW (PARCEL ID 14 01100010160), 41 GRIFFIN STREET NW, 50 SUNSET AVENUE NW, 569, 595 AND 643 ML KING JR DRIVE NW, 582, 587 594 AND 601 UNIVERSITY PLACE NW FROM THE OFFICE/INSTITUTIONAL (O-I) LAND USE DESIGNATION, 0 (PARCEL ID 14 01100010012 AND 14 01100010013) AND 82 SUNSET AVENUE NW FROM THE LOW DENSITY RESIDENTIAL (LDR) LAND USE DESIGNATION AND 0 (PARCEL ID 14 01100010129), 641 AND 657 RHODES STREET NW FROM THE SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL (SFR) LAND USE DESIGNATION TO THE MIXED USE MEDIUM DENSITY (MUMD) LAND USE DESIGNATION; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. (Z-23-76) NPU-L COUNCIL DISTRICT 3. Detailed information is available for public inspection from the Office of Zoning and Development. Please contact Director Keyetta Holmes at kmholmes@AtlantaGa.Gov. 5-12-24
May 12, 2024
May 19, 2024
May 12, 2024 8:10pm