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State of Indiana County of Marion

STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF MARION In the Marion Superior Court CAUSE NUMBER: 49D15-1904-JC-001019 IN THE MATTER OF: CG (185030) - DOB 5/14/2003 AGE 16 years A Child ALLEGED TO BE A Child IN NEED OF SERVICES AND Ashley Rios (Mother) AND Dennis Webb (Father) AND ANY UNKNOWN ALLEGED FATHERS SUMMONS FOR SERVICE BY PUBLICATION NOTICE OF CHILD IN NEED OF SERVICES HEARING TO: Ashley Rios Whereabouts unknown NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the above noted parent whose whereabouts are unknown, that the Indiana Department of Child Services has filed its Verified Petition Alleging the child to be in Need of Services, in accordance with I.C. 31-34-9-3, and that an adjudication hearing has been scheduled with the Court. YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear before the Judge of the Marion Superior Court, 2451 N. Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46218, 317-327-8392 for a(n) Default Hearing on 9/26/2019 at 1:30 PM in JUVENILE COURT ROOM 13, 4th Floor At said hearing, the Court will consider the Petition and evidence thereon and will render its decision as to whether the above named minor child is child in need of services and shall enter adjudication accordingly. Your failure to appear after lawful notice will be deemed as your default and waiver to be present at said hearing. UPON ENTRY OF SAID ADJUDICATION, A DISPOSITIONAL HEARING will be held in which the Court will consider (1) Alternatives for the care, treatment, or rehabilitation for the child; (2) The necessity, nature, and extent of your participation in the program of care, treatment, or rehabilitation for the child; and (3) Your financial responsibility for any services provided for the parent, guardian or custodian of the child including child support. YOU MUST RESPOND by appearing in person or by an attorney within thirty (30) days after the last publication of this notice, and in the event you fail to do so, an adjudication on said petition, judgment by default, may be entered against you, or the court may proceed in your absence, without further notice. Ordered, Myla Eldridge Clerk of said Court, this 6/28/19 Anjelica Violi, 34810-71 Attorney, Indiana Department of Child Services 4150 North Keystone Indianapolis, IN 46205 Fax: (317) 232-1816 7-12, 7-19, 7-26/2019
July 12, 2019
August 23, 2019
August 23, 2019 8:10pm